Do's Hair & Spa | Top Hair Salon for everyone in Katy, TX 77494



Women's Cut $40 & up
Women's Cut, Shampoo & Style $60 & up
Women's Perm $80 & up
Women's Color $70 & up
Highlight $120 & up
Low Highlight $170 & up
Straight Perm $300 & up
Brazilian B3 Conditioning Treatment $50
Men's Cut, Shampoo & Style $25 & up
Men's Cut $20
Boy's Cut $15
Girl's Cut $25 & up
Bold Faded $22
Flat Iron $40 & up
Up Do $50 & up


Express Manicure $20

Nail clip, file, buff, cuticle maintenance and a top coat polish with a relaxing hand massage

Deluxe Manicure $30

This includes the Express Manicure plus it comes with a mask wrapped in a hot towel, followed by a moisturizing exfoliation, then a relaxing, massage, followed by a paraffin treatment leaving your hands feeling good.

O.P.I. Manicure $30

This is a luxurious hand treatment. First, we begin by removing the old polish and shaping the nails. Next, we exfoliate the hands, followed by a hand mask. We then treat your arms and hands to a hot stone massage, followed by a paraffin dip.


Express Spa Pedicure $25

Anti-bacteria foot soak, take-off polish, cut, shape, toenails, trim cuticles, polish of your choice.

Classic Spa Pedicure $30

Take-off polish, cut, shape, toenails, trim cuticles, apply callus dissolver to break down, relaxing massage, put-on polish ( 5 mins massage)

Deluxe Spa Pedicure $40

Regular Spa treatment includes: smooth sea salt scrub, therapeutic ice cooling gel, and warm towel wrap to leave your feet exceptionally soft and smoother. Conclude the spa treatment by dipping your feet in warm paraffin wax to moisturize and preserve your feet's natural appearance (10 mins massage)

Signature Spa Pedicure $50

An aromatherapy pedicure that leaves the senses relaxed and calmed. It also includes a hot stone massage for your legs. Your choice of fragrances from our selection includes: lavender, rose, coconut vanilla, cucumber melon, chocolate, lemon... etc. (15 mins massage)

O.P.I Cucumber Therapy Spa Pedicure $60

This pedicure not only refreshes but exfoliates the skin. This refreshing treatment will soften and replenish the soles of your feet. (15 mins massage) ( with 5 mins neck )

Jelly Spa Pedicure $65

Jelly Pedi is truly a unique spa experience. Jelly Pedi turns water into a luxurious encasing comfort, which provides the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles. It helps exfoliate as well as hydrate dry skin... Add Jelly Pedi to warm water and it becomes a translucent, fluffy jelly, which will retain its heat up to 4 times longer than regular water. (20 mins massage)

Pearl Spa Pedicure $70

From quality freshwater pearls. It is naturally compatible and easily absorbed by the skin and body. Proven safe to ingest and apply to skin directly. Pearl powder contains about 18 amino acids and over a dozen minerals including 10 essential amino acids necessary for the human body to heal and maintain cell nutrition. These essential building blocks of collagen and protein each have a specific function. Deficiency of any one of the key amino acid causes the skin to look coarse, depleted, old, and wrinkled. (20 mins massage) (10 mins neck )


Express Manicure & Express Pedicure $35


Polish Change Hands $8
Polish Change Toes $10
French Polish Change Hands $12
French Polish Change Toes $15
French Tips ( W / Services ) $5
Nails Design ($5 for 2 Nails) $3
Broken Nails ( W/O Service) $5


Manicures, Pedicures, and Nail Services include a warm neck wrap to release stress as you sit down for service.


( Under 12 years old )
Polish Change (Hand, Feet & Design) $10
Manicure $10
Spa Pedicure $18
Spa Pedicure/Manicure $25

(Includes Free Design)


Collagen Masks $20

Pure, native collagen fiber masks help in the process of restoring damaged skin. (Approx 15 mins)

Mini Facial $30

A treatment to help maintain a healthy complexion. This treatment includes cleanse, steam and exfoliation and a soothing masque. Visible results quick & refreshed. (Approx 30 mins)

European Facial $60

It is a European facial that is customized to your skins' needs. Begin with a thorough deep pore cleansing, skin analysis aromatherapy steam vapor, and removal of skin impurities. Also, receive a facial massage on your neck and shoulders as well as a customized masque to revitalize & nourish your skin. (Approx 60 mins) 

Anti-aging, Skin Resurfacing $65

Alpha Vital instantly improves skin roughness by restoring a healthy cell renewal cycle without irritating sensitive skin. This produces a noticeably smoother skin surface. A freshly prepared, deliciously scented peel-off mask will allow your skin to feel rejuvenated. (Approx 60 mins)

Back Facial $65

A "facial" for your back, resulting in clear, smooth skin and a deeply relaxing treatment. Tranquility with results. (Approx 60 mins)

Microdermabrasion Facial $80

This non-invasive, "no fuss" comfortable treatment uses micro-crystals to painlessly remove the surface layer of skin to leave it softer, smoother, and fresher looking. The procedure uses a sterile handpiece that projects tiny crystals onto the skin. These crystals blast away dead skin cells that lie on the surface. The same handpiece then draws in the exfoliated skin cells and unclogs the pores. The system stimulates circulation underneath the skin and the production of collagen, allowing the smoothing of fine wrinkles. (Approx 60 mins)


Lip $8
Eyebrows $10
Chin $15
Lip & Eyebrows $18
Chest $45 & up
Full Legs $60 & up
Half Legs $40 & up
Bikini $40 & up
Brazilian $70 & up
Full Arms $45 & up
Half Arms $35 & up
Under Arms $20 & up
Full Back $60 & up
Full Face $40 & up


White Wine, Red Wine
Water Bottle
Orange Juice
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper
Hot Tea